Honestly? I don't like to talk about myself. And especially not right now, at this moment, when you are planning one of the most important events in your lives. It's all about you right now. And that's the way I like it.

Somehow I hope that from my images you have already gotten to know me a little. That you have noticed that I love emotions, as raw and pure as they come. That I love to have fun and capture nothing more than my couples doing the same. That I like to get close. Very close. Both literally and figuratively. That I love creativity and that I push boundaries and try to innovate whenever possible.

But okay, enough about my images. Who am I?

My name is Liselotte but my friends & family call me Liseleau or Leau. Did you want to know where Studio Leau came from? Well, here you go. In my previous life I was Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola, the dream job for which I originally studied marketing & communications. However, my passion for photography & entrepreneurship kept growing so I started Studio Leau as a side job, a photography course in evening classes and then a year at Narafi School of Arts. I became a mom to the most amazing son & daughter and when my 'third child' also started to grow it was time for an adventure as a full-time photographer. What. a. ride.


I am addicted to fries. My husband had me at: "A big package of fries with stew sauce & mayo, a bicky burger and a frikandel spécial?

Give me a good glass of wine (or a pint, yup I am that kind of girl), chips, a blanket, Netflix or disney+ and I disappear indefinitely. Or at least until the kiddos are back awake.

I am a people person & I genuinely love love love. It's not uncommon to see me shed a tear behind my camera or go home feeling "heartbroken" because my couple's big day is over.

Competitive is my middle name. Drop me in an escape room or other gaming environment, grab a big pack of popcorn and watch what happens. Warning: challenging me to a game of monopoly, uno or saboteur is entirely at your own risk.

I am allergic to sales pitches. No matter how badly I want or need something, when I notice someone actively trying to sell me something I often buy nothing or somewhere else.