Tips for finding a wedding photographer abroad.

Getting married abroad is a dream come true for many couples. It is a unique way to celebrate your love in a breathtaking location and be surrounded by the people most important to you. Whether you opt for faraway, exotic places or prefer something closer to home. The vacation feeling that comes with a foreign wedding will make for an unforgettable and magical experience anyway.

Choosing a Destination Wedding has a lot of benefits. It's a great way to escape the daily routine and stress and immerse yourself and your guests in a different culture. In addition, it is the perfect way to extend your revelry and spend a little more time with your intimates in an idyllic location. In general, foreign weddings tend to be a bit more laid-back, making it easy for you to fully enjoy every moment as well. Not to mention the epic photos.... Do I even need to explain that?

All is rosy, but of course there are some drawbacks to choosing a foreign wedding. Unless you have very good connections locally, planning is often a bit more difficult. Therefore I can only recommend you to hire a bad-ass destination planner like The Beloved Nomad, Tabloo Margoot or Artanna so you can forget all your worries and get married in a beautiful hidden gem.



It is no secret that the search for a wedding photographer for your foreign wedding is a little more difficult than for a Belgian wedding. Do you opt for someone local and the associated benefits? Or do you go for absolute security with a Belgian traveling photographer?

I think you have already figured out what I would recommend. But before I do, let me briefly list the undeniable benefits that a local photographer brings.


- Knows the language & can easily communicate with local vendors.

- Knows the location and the best places to photograph and how to get there.

- Is accustomed to working in local weather conditions (extreme heat or cold).

- You don't have to pay travel expenses, lodging, . to pay.


1. Trust

By choosing a Belgian photographer to travel with you, you have a trusted person with you who knows and understands you. You can get acquainted beforehand and you know very well what to expect. No surprises afterwards when the photos are delivered unedited and you have to pay extra for each edit. (It really happens!). This gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on what really matters: enjoying your wedding day.

2. Experience

Belgian wedding photographers have excellent experience in capturing weddings in different environments and situations and can usually adapt very quickly to an unexpected situation. (Thanks for that, Belgian weather). A Belgian wedding photographer with a specialization in foreign weddings (*cough Studio Leau cough*) is also used to planning wedding shoots and scouting photo locations from afar. So finding a beautiful, local place to take your wedding photos is absolutely not a problem. On the contrary.

3. Deployment

Beauty gets used to. After 3 weeks leave at a beautiful location, you are no longer impressed daily by all the beauty around you. A local wedding photographer may not see all the uniqueness of a location due to habituation so details that are very overwhelming and important to you may not be captured. With a Belgian photographer you are assured of someone who will be as impressed with the surroundings as you and your guests and who will want to capture everything with fresh eyes. (Maybe even more than necessary ;-)).

4. Communication

By choosing a Belgian wedding photographer to travel with you, you avoid any language barriers and communication problems with a local photographer. You don't have to worry that communication with you or your guests will be difficult and you can be sure that your photographer also understands very well which moments are important because he/she can understand what is being said. (e.g. during ceremony, speeches, ...). Belgian wedding photographers are often strong in multiple languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, ...) so they are also able to communicate with local vendors.

5. Flexibility

A traveling photographer has much more space in his/her schedule to capture your wedding and can therefore more easily adapt to any changes in the program or schedule. This ensures that your experience will be seamless and hassle-free and that you will have beautiful photos to remember your special day, even if the wedding shoot had to be postponed for a day due to rain.

6. Style

It is easier to choose a particular style of photography when you can check it against an environment and traditions you are familiar with. Using realistic colors, capturing certain key moments, ... it is difficult to assess how this will translate for you in concrete terms and it is also more difficult to communicate your expectations in this regard.

7. Album & prints

Choosing a Belgian wedding photographer to capture your foreign wedding also means that after the delivery of the photos, you can be helped qualitatively with the design of an album and the ordering of prints. You will have the opportunity to view samples, hold albums and also the communication of your needs and wishes will be much easier. Not to mention the collection of your album ;-)

8. References

You have easy access to the references of a Belgian photographer and can check in advance how the cooperation with other couples went.


As a wedding photographer who specializes in capturing foreign weddings, I could go on and on listing all the pros and cons (it's my hobbyhorse, notice, haha) but in the end only 1 thing counts: most of all, choose who & what you want. Your day. Your rules!

Do you want Studio Leau? Then of course I will be happy to help you.

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